Denxy Dental Led Curing Light dental equipment Top sale

Denxy Dental Led Curing Light dental equipment Top sale

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Product Description


1.  Rechargeable lithium battery:
     Battery voltage and capacity: 3.7V/ 1400mAh,
     Battery has protection against Over-voltage, over-current and short circuit
2.  Adapter:
     Power Input: 100V to 240V, 50Hz/60 Hz
     Output: DC5V/1A
3.  LED Light:5W high power blue light LED.
     Wave length:420nm-480nm
     Light intensity:500mW/cm2-1800mW/cm2
4.  Optical effective area:50mm 


1. Install Way
    Install the optical fiber: insert the metal head of the optical fiber into the top of the LED curing light, and then attach the light hood to the metal head of the optical fiber.
   Replace the battery: Use a screwdriver to unscrew the screw on the battery cover of the host, remove the battery cover, and unplug the battery to remove the battery. Then insert the plug of the new battery, insert the battery, cover the battery cover, screw on the screw, and the battery is installed.
2. Operation
     Press the model butto. Following three modes are available.
     Continuous illumination mode:Continuous illumination with the strongest radiant power.
     Pulse mode:With the strongest radiant power, one cycle of opening and closing.
     Soft start mode:Radiated power rises slowly until the strongest radiated power is reached
     Press the time button to choose time from 5s to 40s and keep the memory when you next use
     If machine isn’t operated for 30 seconds, the time display and mode indicator will go out and enter sleep mode. When the switch button is pressed, the machine will turn on the time and mode display and enter standby mode.
     When the three mode indicators flash together, the battery is low and needs to be recharged. At this point, connect the charging dock to the power adapter, and then place the curing unit on the charging dock for charging.
     “C”is displayed on the time display of the curing unit during charging,
indicating that charging is in progress. When“F”is displayed on the screen, it indicates that it is full.
Please use the original power adapter to charge the curing light!

Maintenance and cleaning:  
     After use, if the optical fiber is coated with resin, wipe it clean so as not to affect
the curing effect.
1. The optical fiber can be detached and sterilized at a temperature of 135 °
C and a pressure of 0.22 MPa. For other accessories, please wipe the surface
with water or disinfectant to clean it. Do not soak!
2. The light guide rod is a fragile glass product, and it is strictly prohibited to
knock, hit and fall. If the light guide rod is cracked and damaged, do not
continue to use it, so as not to affect the curing effect!

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