Pre Color Dental zirconia blocks disc Ceramic zirconia block

Pre Color Dental zirconia blocks disc Ceramic zirconia block

Model No.︰DY-00424-23

Brand Name︰Denxy/OEM

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 56 / BOX

Minimum Order︰1 BOX

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Product Description

Denxy Dental Zirconia Blocks

Pre Colored :  A2, A3

zirconia blocksare made of nanometer medical grade zirconia powder. The powder are firstly compacted by cold isostaticpressing with high compressive strength and then pre-sintered to a certain degree to offer good machinability.

Us zirconia blocks can be used to create crowns, bridges, inlays and veneers of fixed partial denture with different translucency levels and colors.

1.       Product Information

Compositions: ZrO2(94%-95%), Y2O3(4.5%-5.5%), AL2O3(0.2%-0.5%), other Oxides (<0.5%)

Grade: High Translucency, Super High Translucency

Compatibility: open dental milling system

Specifications: ø98 x 10, ø98 x 12, ø98 x 14, ø98 x 16, ø98 x 18, ø98 x 20, ø98 x 22, ø98 x 25, ø98 x 28

Appearance: white color disc


2.       Technical Facts

Pre-sintering Density: ≥ 2.95g/cm3

Post-sintering Density: ≥ 6.08g/cm3

Post-sintering Hardness: Hv10 ≥ 12.5Gpa

Post-sintering Flexural Strength: > 1100Mpa

SinteringShrinkage:  19% - 22%

Pre-sintering Solubility: ≤ 2000µg·cm-2

Post-sintering Solubility: ≤ 100µg·cm-2

Radioactivityof uranium-238 per unit mass: ≤ 0.02Bq·g-1


3.       Operation Guide

  1. 1.       Place a Jrcera® zirconia block in your CAD/CAM machine and machine it following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. 2.       After machining is completed, remove the zirconia block from the CAD/CAM machine first. Then remove the framework from the zirconia block with a diamond disc. Subsequently, place the framework on a sintering tray with zirconia beads and put them in the oven for sintering.
  3. 3.       Program the furnace according to its instruction manual and Jrcera® zirconia block’s sintering chart, and then start sintering.
  4. 4.       Do not remove the sintered framework until it is fully cooled down. Examine the sintered framework for wall thickness, margin fit and seat fit. If necessary, make minor adjustments with a water cooled diamond tool.
  5. 5.       Make sure no wall thickness is less than 0.5mm and no connector is thinner than 9mm2.
  6. 6.       Rinse the sintered framework with water and dry completely. The framework is now ready for veneering.

Price Terms︰ Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong

Payment Terms︰ Western union / TT

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