orthodontist Dental brackets Dentist brace dentist bracket

orthodontist Dental brackets Dentist brace dentist bracket

Model No.︰Denxy Brackets

Brand Name︰Denxy

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 50 / set

Minimum Order︰100 set

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Product Description


Dentist Brace Dental Brackets

Material: Sapphire bracket / Ceramic bracket / Resin bracket / Plastic Bracket/  Metal Bracket 

Top quality of made in China


Raw Material

Sinteredalumina material at high temperature processing









No hook

Hook on 3

Hook on 345


I series

II Series

Mesh Base

With Metal Slot

Ceramic self ligating


The main performanceindicators

1ceramic brackets should demand to the standards, according to prescribed procedures approved by the drawings and technical documents produce 
2 types of ceramic brackets and basic dimensions in Figure 1 and Table 1 provides 
3 ceramic brackets made ​​ofaluminum by the gasification 
4 ceramic brackets surface should be smooth, round, no stains, front edge, sharp edges and other defects 
5 In normal conditions, the bracket should be no discoloration or surface corrosion 
6 bracket wing surface roughness Ra value should be <= 0.5um 
7 ceramic brackets should be requested by the rigid requirements 
8 ceramic brackets’’ bottom of the stripes or mesh should be clear 
9 ceramic brackets and meet the requirements of enamel adhesives used in the enamel surface of the retention strength should not be less than 20N 
10 Biological properties of ceramic brackets 
10.1 ceramic brackets should be no oral mucous membrane irritation 
10.2 ceramic brackets should be <= No.1 Class toxic 
10.3 ceramic brackets should be no allergic reactions 
10.4 ceramic brackets should be no acute systemic toxicity (oral route) reaction 
10.5 ceramic brackets should be no Salmonella typhimurium reverse mutation response


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